Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indian salary growth

It is clear from the latest survey that Indian employees are getting more salary compare to other Asian country employees. There are many Multi National Companies willing to import their project due to cheap labour cost and man power. Now the trend is, they are ready to pay more incentives due to the outcome of the project.
And the recession in India getting better now. It fully recovers with in few months. The economy growth rate is keep on increasing. In European countries still people loosing their job due to this recession. In a employment news paper employers' ad getting reduced instead employees are ready to give advertisement for seeking a job. They are getting only few interview opportunities even though they applied for many.
In that final result is not good. Only thing is, they are ready to do any kind of job to run a family. Most families accepting students as paying guest.
They are looking for alternative way to get some money. Indian companies are getting more and more project proposals which in turn increases job opportunities. One important thing to note down is, don't spend to much money. Try to save as much as possible.

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