Saturday, October 17, 2009

Avoid Drunk and Drive

Don't drink and drive : Accidents may happen at any time. But that should unexpected event.There are certain situations where we our self get in to trouble. The consequences we are facing will be unbearable. It is heart breaking news that i read on newspaper.
22 years old lady drunk more than the normal limit and drive in a highway with her friends. Friends asked her to not to drive a car in that condition but she didn't accept them and drove fast.
At certain point she losses her control and hit with standing vehicle in the road. Her friends those who satin back seat lost their lives. And she got the jail and penalty for drunk and drive. The family of those friends who lost their lives in this accident could not able to bear this. Friends, there are thousand things to enjoy in this beautiful world.
Don't play with your life, it not only affects you but also person who depends on you. There are thousands of posters we are seeing in the road side. Most of us not accepting the fact. Be wise, have a good life.

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