Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Unemployment - Every where, Renting issues

Unemployment is the phenomena which affecting most of the countries in this world. Many employees are losing their job because of the economical slow down. Governments are taking steps to improve the economy and the employment conditions. Employers are not able to pay salary to the employee. If this continues then the condition will be worse than expected.
Let me come to the point, many people in UK are not able to pay their rent at all due to this unemployment.
land lords are the one who need to be worried. More landlords are renting their properties and with that they are paying mortgages. According to the law, landlords can’t do anything even tenants didn't pay their last two months rent. If they want to vacate them, they need to wait for two months.
Court order should be given to the tenants before proceeding further actions. It takes at least two months to get the order
after filing the case in court. Dear landlords take extra care while lending your property.
It is the worst time for all. Hope the best.

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