Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Current Account Benefits

The bank provides different type of accounts to meet requirements of variety of customers. There are two types that are familiar. One is savings account and another one is current account. We might have known about this savings account. Each and every one will have at least one savings account. This gives some interest rate for deposit. Current account used not to save some money rather it can be used to for intra day transaction. 
Saving account holder can get maximum benefit from banks where as current account has no extra benefits other than transfer of fund with intra bank. Last week United Kingdom comes up with some policy to add extra benefit for current account holders. One current account holder he is continuously changing bank due to this poor interest rating. There are ten different bank current accounts that offer different overdraft limit and different interest rates. Customers classified in to their region like red, blue, black and you will be advised to take some current accounts. 
There are some banks giving maximum over draft of £ 2500 and it some other banks high interest rate up to 6%. You have to select according to your need, if you are looking for over draft limit then go for bank which gives less interest rate.

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