Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Festival times - Aware of criminals

The entire world is waiting for next 23 days to enjoy the festival Christmas. Even though this year public have faced lot of trouble in their life, they are eager to enjoy this event. Shops are getting good business as public started their purchases. Christmas is a festival when all kind of people enjoy together. People those who are staying away from their home will go to native places to have enjoyable festival season. 

Let me come to the point, there will be crowded in many part of city. Police forces will be employed to control the crime rate. The police record says that the there is a possibility of increase in crime rate. As a public we need to co operate with police to have a safer festival season. Here in UK, police announcement have published that public has to be aware in any occasion. Raping is the major crime expected, girls who have drinks need to be more careful. You should have drinks with in the limit. You should not loss your consciousness. We should not give single chance to criminals as they are waiting for a chance. Pub and bars need to monitor closely to avoid any unexpected incidents. Please think that criminals are talented, be good than them. Enjoy this festival with your family.  

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