Friday, December 4, 2009

Troops to Afghanistan

President of United States Barack Obama, focussed on undisturbed life of Afghan. He is more concern about this issue after getting in to power. Many troops have been sent after September 11 attack, they are fighting with Taliban long time. 
In order to accelerate this war action, he has planned to send another 30,000 troops by this summer. This will go small in number by this January and entire team will be there at the end of August. Some forces will be brought back US after 12 to 18 months time. When he addresses at military academy, he stated that if sending this troops to Afghan is not useful to people who residing in US, he will bring back each and every one to home. 
The total cost estimated for this action is $ 30 million. Even though initial reaction for his action is positive, Republicans are little concern about his July 2011 deadline setting. They are thinking that it may cause wrong messages to US Allies. Obama’s Speech was viewed by so many audiences in home and abroad as well. With this $ 30 million, total spending on Afghan would cost $ 95 million in this fiscal year. In the same period $ 61 million spent on Iraq war.

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