Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cheap Train Ticket in India

Unemployment is getting more due to this economic recession. Youth are facing difficult to get a job and most of them not getting the proper job. They are ready to work even for low pay. They are ready to work which unrelated to his career. Indian government has introduced new train services from Mumbai to Delhi which for the cost of Rs 299. This train mainly focussed on youngsters those are unemployed. They are facing trouble to travel around the country and they need to spend more money to get a ticket. 
This train name “Yuva Train” introduced by honourable railway minister mamata Banerjee and 60 % of coaches go to youngster who are not working any where. They need to some sort of certificates like showing unemployment. If they have registered under central government employment scheme, they can show this certificate for the proof of unemployment. The railway minister says that if it goes well then this system will be introduced all part of India. We hope government will do something to get more employment to them.

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