Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jobs in Public sector

There was a time where public wanted to work in private sector. The reason behind this trend is that they were paying more than what a government organization do. They were getting more and more benefits from the organizations as well. There are allowances and you can even get loans easily without any background checking. But now the trend has been changed, latest survey says people those who are in public sector or government run organizations are getting more pay almost 7 % more than private sector employees. 
The people started to look at this public sector as there is no job pressure and there is no need to work over time. There is a chance to stay in housing board where you can get all facility for zero cost. Average earning in public sector is much more than the average in private sector. This is the situation all around the world not in particular place. 
Let me take one country to explain this issue, In India last year all graduates looking for software industry to join but now they are looking ahead for government jobs. They started to write public service commission exams when they are in final year. It is good to see that the government run organization looks good than private sector.

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