Friday, January 15, 2010

Share your experience Here

Life is precious thing, there is only one life and that has to be enjoyed. We are meeting new people day by day. We are getting new experience and we are learning from our experience as well. Many things will come to us and it will go on some other day. There is nothing constant in your life except capture memories. This memories are golden words need to be written in some where. I am sure everyone has their own diary which tells about their life. 
How will it be if you could share your life experience with others who are far away? Yes, due to technological development and internet it is possible now. You will get more gifts if you are a premium member. In this site you can share feelings with your colleague, you can ask for suggestion with your member. It is easy to upload your story; there will be separate log in area for each member where you can write whatever you had in your day. There is no age limit and there is no difference between youngster and elders. 
It gives you more journal as well it will guide for autobiography writing. Some person likes to write than typing in computer. I am such kind of person, I am writing whatever I met every day and I will show it to my son one day. He will feel the pain behind my success. I feel proud to be a member of this particular online forum. This will act as digital scrapbooks for those who uses computer in their life. I suggest you to get membership and feel the excitement.

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