Thursday, January 7, 2010

Protecting Debit & Credit cards

Fraud and criminals keep on increasing day by day and creating lots of trouble for people. There is always a victim for this kind of problem. This is for people those who are using debit cards for purchase and retailers. They have found new technique to steal from the customer accounts. There are some criminals using most recent technique, it is like they coming to shop like engineers and they are taking cash box for repair or maintenance. 
They are making some programs with that machine. When ever you swipe your card, your card details will be stored and it will be taken by them. After few days they will design a card same like yours and use your card details to withdraw money or online purchase. One more technique is that they will keep some recording chips on ATM machine, and when you insert your card to withdraw your money they will take the details of your card and use for the same purpose like I said before. 
It is advised that if you find any difficulties when you insert your card in ATM machine then immediately inform to bankers they will take necessary action. Be cautious when you use card for online purchase, give your card details only in trusted sites.

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