Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Top Universities In UK

World economy still in recovering state, graduates feel difficult to get a job. Now they are looking for alternate opportunity to grow. According to experts, it takes one more complete year to recover from recession. So the best idea now is taking master degree from well known universities. Once they completed their study, they can easily get the right job. There is plenty of colleges in the world. Students willing to take their higher studies in United Kingdom as it is a Hub for all business. It has more number of universities, among them few are named as top most. This rating fully based on teaching assessment, research assessment, entry standards and so on. Please find the universities which got first 10 Places in the table
1. Oxford

2. Cambridge

3. Imperial College

4. London School of Economics

5. Warwick

6. University College London

7. York

8. Durham

9. St Andrews
It may vary year to year....

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