Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social site - Saved life of a child

Social networks help the life of a child. In United States, two women became friends with out meeting each other via social site. As year goes on their friendship become more powerful. They shared all of their thoughts and information about their family. Both married and conceived. They got tips about how to be in pregnancy time. After some time they send photos of their babies.
One woman noticed that the different colors in the child's eye. She didn't tell this to her friends. She done some home work regarding this change and got idea from her friend. She came to know that this color change is due to cancer.
At one point of time she directly went her friend's home at the first time. She conveyed this important messages and admitted in hospital. By god's grace the child saved from death. The thing is that, please be aware of your child until it reaches 10 years old. Because this is time most of diseases can affect the children. The impact will be more severe in their future.

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