Friday, November 6, 2009

Hardwork - pays you more than anything

In this world, nothing is impossible. There are certain instances which i come across proving this to me again and again. Not all people get success in their life. This is because, we are get tired of trying something. Last week, i read one article and made me to think. One success woman, in South Korea has passed her exam after 960 attempt. She spend around £2.60 for application in each time and spend most of her earning and finally passed her initial exam. She wants to drive her own car for her business.
She started to write exam in the year 2005. She could not able to get pass percentage usually 60 %. Her scoring was in between 30% and 60 %. She should have left her aim, if she did then she could have failed. And she cant be able to the news on first page of yahoo search engine. She crossed half well and need to clear her driving part then only she can able to get her driving license.
And one more incident i come across in my life, one best student lost his finger in an accident and failed to write his final exam. He tried more, at the he tasted the success. He scored top score in his next attempt and got reward for his success. Friends, nothing is impossible. Impossible is possible if you can try more. Be a successful person in your life. Share opinion about this article and give your precious moments in your life.

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