Wednesday, November 4, 2009

London Eye - Best tourist place

Most popular city in the world London has its own structure. It has tall buildings, Thames river, and famous bridge, and Big ban and so on. How will it be, if one see the entire view of all those things. This dream came to true in the year 1999.
Best Airways in the world British Airways constructed Large rolling wheel named Ferris wheel. The height of the wheel is 135 m and rotates 12cm per second so that visitors can see the entire view of the London city. Even though it was opened in 1999, it was made to available to public in 2000 due to minor technical problems. It is amazing to here that 35 million visitors used this services. It becomes one of the most visited tourist place.
Initially the plan was to have London eye for 5 years. Due to huge income and visitors it made to be permanent. Media and communication tools are used for their advertising purposes initially. Now it requires no marketing as Word of Mouth doing everything it needs. British Airways was holding one third of shares until 2005.
In the year 2008, British Airways dropped out from investment. As all of us know London going to be the spot for 2012 Olympic, London eye is landmark. It is getting more and more customers all around the world. Thirty two separate cubes are included with this structure and it is the tallest Ferris wheel in an Europe.

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