Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alcohol Good for Heart?

Researchers found that taking more Alcohol reduce heart diseases. The team of researcher from Spain conducted survey among men and women aged 29 to 69. The result of 10 year survey reveals that men are benefiting more than women. The entire group of people divided in to six categories. First group is those who takes 90 g of alcohol per day and the last one will be the people who take little amount. It is noted that heart disease is comparatively less than those who don’t take much alcohol.
There are no major changes in female side. Spain is the most alcohol consuming country which records less heart disease in a year. Even though Heart attack, coronary heart disease are diminished by high amount of alcohol, experts say that there are chances to get more ill health if you consume more alcohol. Nothing is danger if you are in control. Don’t consume high amount as it yields unexpected result. One more thing to note down is that alcohol causes 1.8 million death per year around the world.
Liver, pancreas and brain are the important organs in our body vulnerable to alcohol. Stick to the guidelines, and you won't go far wrong. Take moderately, you will be benefited as whole.

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