Saturday, November 7, 2009

Money transfer from India to UK

Money transfer is difficult process long ago. It involves more banking operations and clearing system. You need to convert the currency of your nation to currency of a country you send. It needs more commission and time consuming process. But now that is not a case, you can transfer from one country to all around the world within an hour or less. Many people staying abroad, to earn some money. It is necessary to know how to transfer money easily and safely. Charge applied for that process may be different from one service provider to other. Two things need to be consider while money transfer.
First thing is, charge applied to them and most importantly safety. Safety is the main consideration irrespective of all other factor. Let me tell you one simple, effective, and Safeway to transfer money. Don't depend on unauthorised party. Try to do this with approved banking. If you have an account with any bank in India, you need to deposit the money you need to transfer in to your account. Next step is currency exchange banks will do that for you and take commission for that. In UK, banks will give one number that you need to write in slip. After few hours, your money will be transferred to the destination account.

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