Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Access Memory

RAM – Random Access Memory is another important part of a computer. The speed and performance of a system mainly depends on the memory of RAM. The reason behind this is, even though all the applications are stored in hard disc. When you access each application, it comes to RAM memory and then executed. This is a simple board inside your computer does everything? In case of desk top computer we can even improve the memory of RAM (expansion of RAM). But this is not possible in case of laptop.
There are so many micro devices places in this RAM board which comes to play when you read or write something from hard disc. Whenever you switch off your computer data in your RAM will go off unlike hard disc. The data are stored permanently in hard disc. These types are normally known as volatile and non volatile memory. Processor also plays important role in your system performance which will be discussed later. The applications installed in your computer is not actually stored in your RAM, instead it is accessed via RAM from your hard disc. There should be enough memory to run these applications without any trouble. System get struck when you open more applications, this is because of low memory space in RAM.

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