Sunday, November 8, 2009

Save Our Earth

This is to all people those who are living and want to live in this precious world. We destroyed almost all resources which god given to us. If we thing for one minute then we come to know that we are deserting forest and polluting environment. We are sucking underground water, release of CO2 increasing day by day. Our activities almost made hole in ozone layer. The filtering of rays from sun is not complete now. We are using plastics enormously but we don't know the impact of plastic. It takes million years to decompose. It reduces underground water level. If it continues then earth temperature will go up. 
There won’t be any more water to drink. Sea levels are increasing year by year. We are running out of water in summer and full of water in winter and rainy season. There is no proper dam and reservoir to save the water. This is the time to take steps otherwise our future generation can't able to live. They will struggle for everything. 
Please try to avoid plastic usages and save rain water as much as you can. Plant trees, and reduce CO2 emission. Save day light, do not waste thing. Save natural resources, use eco-friendly materials as much as you can. Save our world for future generations.

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