Monday, November 9, 2009

New Language - Bacteria's Language

There are thousands of languages all around the world. These languages are used to convey the feeling with each other. Regional languages are used to express their feelings. One will be happy when he talks in mother tongue than other. People now days supposed to learn many languages to do their business.  Do you know how bacteria and germs speak with each other? Could you understand their languages? It is interesting to know their languages. In United States, scientists are found their languages. They are creating dictionary which translate those language into human understandable form. It is understood that, they are conveying messages like “give me nutrients to grow”, “go this way for food” and so on. 
It is expected that, the dictionary will be developed soon and it would be helpful to create some medicines. Research and development team looking forward on this research. If we understand the virus language, then we can able to have deal to stay away from human body. It is nice to dream, let’s wait for dream to come true.

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