Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aware of Take Away food

Food habit are keep on changing. People are very much interested in take away food. You should have heard the term take away. It is noted that children under 18 are consuming these kind of food three times in a week. Sixteen percentage taking once in a day. If you do exercise, then you could able to keep your health in a safer position. It is noted that food with high salt content yields many problems. High blood pressure and the stroke can easily attack soon if you take high salt food. In take away ready made food, you can find more salt content and more cholesterol things which should be controlled. 
It is stated that 6 gram of salt is more than enough in a day for normal human. Exceeding this level will definitely put your self in a trouble. Each year the number people affected by the stroke is increasing. The reason behind this issue is that they are consuming more salt than the prescribed amount. There are many who do not know how much salt should take. Be aware of take away food and it leads to problem in later stages of your life. Try to avoid high salt food and do exercise to make your future life comfortable.

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