Friday, November 13, 2009

Miracle surgery in medicine

Last week there was a patient who came to the hospital. He felt much stomach pain, and could not able to bear it. After scanning the entire abdominal, doctors found that there were 900 grams of metals in his body. Immediately he admitted to the hospital and operation carried out on following day. There were nails, coins and some other metals inside his stomach. It has approximately 900 grams weight in total. After successfully completing this unimaginable operation, doctor said that “it is a different case I haven’t seen in my life”.
A person carrying approximately kg of nails in his body is unimaginable. He kept under examine and recovering from his position. Pain has gone out, now he is in safe hand. The reason behind this kg of metal is still in suspicious. This patient is being examined by mental health specialists for his activity. This operation took place in northern Peru and the name of person is Alvarado.

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