Monday, November 30, 2009

Overcome Recession

It is very bad time in United Kingdom, strong recession wave running in all part of the country. Due to this recession no one getting job at all. Many people loosing their jobs and facing lot of difficulties to meet their requirements. I was working in a restaurant; i met many people who came with their resume. Most of them were working in good organisations.
There is no special festival purchase started. It is noted that nothing special in this Christmas. All shops are running with out any customers and they are in lay off their employees. Students are getting big hit by this recession; they are not getting any job at all. They are facing difficulties to overcome their daily expenditure. Minimum wage should be 6 pounds per hour but now they are now ready to work for 2 pounds. They are working more than 12 hours per day.
House owners here are facing same trouble. They not able to pay mortgages. Now each house has one paying guest, giving one separate room to two or three persons and getting money for stay. Recent research from famous bank in UK says that most of the land lords are paying their mortgage with paying guest income as well. The condition is getting worse every day; let’s pray the god for best solution to this issue.

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