Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flying car

How will it be, if you car fly on the air and land on the earth when you want to drive in road. Terrafugia made this dream to come true. They designed a vehicle named Transition roadable aircraft, with foldable wings. It looks like a car and it can able to fly in the air. It can able to land on runway in aircraft and runs like a normal car in the road. The entire body is designed with light weight materials. To drive this car, you just need to get sport pilot license not more than that.
It takes only 30 minutes to transition from aircraft to car. This vehicle allows the driver to drive to the airport and can fly to the destination airport to reach the final destination. This is a modern model of transmission. The design is on the progress. If it goes as desired then it reach on the road on 2011. There are so many safety features included with this design.
It can able to withstand stormy condition as well. The parachute is attached for entire body, and can be used only at aircraft mode. The cost of the car would be 195,000 US dollars. This is an innovative idea from the company and the cost will come down if many others design the same.

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