Sunday, November 29, 2009

BMW 5 Series car

BMW released its latest sixth generation car. This is going to be BMWs fifth series. There are more features added with its older edision. Fuel efficiency, CO2 emission are the some of areas where new technologies used.
It can able to reach 68 miles within 8th second after a start. It is going to be more eco friendly as it emits 132 g/km CO2. Blue tooth telephony, USB interface, BMW professional standard radio also available with this latest model. Then the most interesting feature added with this is that, it assists the driver to park. It shows the space available to park.
It controls the steering regard with the availble space. The padel brakes will be adjusted at the time of parking. Sensors are attached with this model which enable drivers to find whether enough space is there or not. With all features, this 5 series will be available in the market in march 2010.

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