Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sachin at 25th year in his cricket life

This is all about the legend who doing his career unbeatable. There was no one in the past who achieved this. There is no one in the present to compete with him. And of course it is true that there is going to be no one to chase his records. He achieved benchmark level in this format of game. His records are the one which is to be targeted. He doing good from the day he started his career. He is the role model for every one who want to be best. 
There is no record to achieve. We can find his name at the top of the all record list. You might have got the person about whom we are talking now. Yes, it is no one else Sachin Tendulkar. He is at 25 year of his successful cricket career. He made all kind of records in cricket. He called with different names for his success. There are many achievers who described his as a god of cricket. There is one banner in a match saying that, “commit all your mistakes when Sachin is playing, it will not be noticed as even god is watching his batting”. I am sure that you can get to know about him with this statement. 
The great batsman said that, “if cricket is the religion then Sachin will be the god”. Still there are thousand which describes about his success. I haven’t mentioned his records, find all the possible records in cricket match that will be list you need. May god shower of happiness fall on him. Proud to be a fan of him.

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