Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life in London city

I am writing my wonderful two months experience in London. There were certain incidents which make to feel proud. First incident, when i entered in to the city i could not know the destination address. I asked one man sitting in the car which is parked in front of super market. He got down from the car and asked one bus driver regarding my doubts and clarify me. 
Incident two, when i was traveling bus driver has stopped just few meter ahead of actual bus stop. He apologize for his mistake (actually not ) with passenger. Then one more time driver has applied brake suddenly and all the passengers got afraid. In the next bus stop he just came out from his cabin and asked sorry to the passengers. when you apply for something online, you will receive response with in few days. 
If you want to do something to others, they will give enough time to do. There are some more occasion like the above but i could not able to recollect it. One thing to say here is, safety even though police giving safety to the public it is dangerous to go out alone in late night. There is a chance to lose your belongings. Do not carry huge amount in your purse. Let’s hope the best in future.

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