Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Flying man

It’s amazing to hear that a man willing to fly between to continent. Yves Rossy from Swiss started to fly this morning. The specially designed wings attached at his back. Camera and rescue material has been included with the packages. He flies in the height of 6500 ft above the earth level. At fourteenth minute from his start, there is no point to identify his presence in the air.
He was not visible to public due to bad weather. At 15th minute, the signal from camera shows that he felt down in ocean. Rescue to team went there and confirmed that he was safe. He was taken in to hospital and he expected to meet press later this evening. This was his first attempt, he will try this again. He was looking like comic hero when he was flying in the sky at 180 mph. All his hard work would be paid in future.

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