Monday, November 9, 2009

Avoid Virus Infection

We are using computers in our day to day life. It is necessary to keep our system virus free. To improve our system speed and safe guard our files and information, system has to stay away from virus affection. There are certain ways in which we can avoid virus infection. First thing you need to do is keep antivirus in your system when you connect to the internet. Whenever you download any file and run into your system make sure that it doesn’t contain any virus.
Be aware when you connect to the unsecured connection. When you connect external devices to your system, scan all the files and open. Most important thing is update your antivirus program frequently. This is because every day different kind of viruses is injected in to the internet.
Scan your system often so that you can avoid infection of any virus. Don’t download anything from uncertified user. Even though we are in safer place, it is not possible to avoid any virus infection. Some of the viruses can be deleted using special program but not all usually. “Prevention is better than cure” we know this proverb very well. Keep back up for all your files. Be aware when you connect to the internet.

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