Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheap Flight Tickets

In this busy world we need to travel all around the world. Individual and companies spending lot of money for travel. Most of us don't plan well for our travel. This yields loss of money for booking tickets. Here are some tips to reduce traveling cost. First thing is plan your travel before one month and block one ticket for you. What ever may be the flight services if you book earlier you will get best in terms of money as well as in place. You need to care when you book your tickets online.
Get one soft copy as well as hard copy of your tickets as soon as you register. keep one hard copy with until you catch your flight. Look for cheaper flights. If you are going to travel as a group then all services giving you some special facility make use of it. If you are at the age of 60 then you will get some discount in some services.
If you are going to have your child with you for travel then there is some reduction in tickets. Search on the Internet and get cheaper flights. If you are looking one direct flight to your destination then it may cost you higher but if you book earlier then you can get it in cheaper rates. I hope this will be useful for you. Please comment on this post if you any queries.

Monday, September 28, 2009

McDonalds recent issue

This is a latest news that i read in news paper. McDonalds and McCurry battle ends. There is a law stating that no one can use the name of others. McDonalds is a world famous food chain and it has its branch all over the world. There is a new company named McCurry which is also serving food products to the public. There is controversy between these two in using the same name. McDonalds raised issue against McCurry for using "Mc". Finally McDonalds failed in this issue and asked to pay some amount to McCurry as a penalty.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Water in moon surface

India's one of the greatest moon mission chandrayaan 1 has found water layer in moon. It is stated that graphical photos of chandrayaan 1 showing that there is chances of presence of water in moon. Scientists of other country saying that this is first positive step and there is a long way to go. One more scientist added that there needs to be some methods to convert this molecule in to water. Chandrayaan 1 has launched successfully last year by Indian Space Research Organisation after few countries. Chandrayaan 1 is the first one it finds water in moon surface even though there are many countries trying to locate the water surface.
The 386 crore project was launch October 22 in 2008 and terminated due to communication problem in 30 August 2009. It is one of highest and mind blowing achievement for mankind.

ISRO Successful launch of 7 Satellites

Indian Space Research Organisation has launched seven satellites just in 1200 seconds. It is imaginable that seven satellites have launched successfully with 100 percentage success. This success took place exactly 11.45 Indian time on 23 September. Chairman of ISRO says that this success is because of his colleagues hard work after short fall of moon mission. These satellites are used for educational purpose, analyzing environmental conditions and many more. It includes six nano satellites and one major ocean satellites. At first major ocean satellites ejected in 20 minutes and all other nano European satellites are ejected in next 45 minutes.
Polar Satellite Launch vehicle made 16 launches from last year and 15 are successful among those. Fourteen launches are successful continuously and one went wrong. This achievement has been done with clockwork precision. Lets congratulate the scientist who made India to be proud.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Laptops

Hi friends, if you are staying in UK and if you want to use laptops don't feel. There are thousands of opportunities for you to get laptop with out paying any money. Many networks got their agreement with retailers. Its easy to get laptop or mobile with you with out paying initial money. You have to do only one thing create a bank account and make a deal with any of one network provider and then get your own laptop with Internet connection.
Some money will be deducted from your account every month. It depends upon the deal which you make. More the amount less the month you need to pay. There are some other options where you need to pay part of total cost, remaining will be taken every month. There is some interest rate for this process but it is less.
It is like getting free laptop for Internet connections. There are totally six network providers, those are O2, Vodafone, Virgin, 3, T mobile, Orange. Usage cost differs from one customer another customer.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Its going to be cricket festival for next one month as ICC champions trophy started today and goes on for next one month. It start 22 September and ends on 5 October. There are eight teams are going to have their battle here. Those teams are South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, England, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies. First match starts today between South Africa and Sri Lanka and finals will be held on 5 of next month in centurion. It is believed that spinners may play major role in this tournament as all pitches are very good supporting for spinner.
Indian bowler Harbajan Singh may enjoy his role in this series. Indian captain Dhoni placed first spot in recent ICC players rating followed by Vice captain Yuvraj Singh. India loss its warm up match against New Zealand which makes uncomfortable for Gautam Gambhir as he suffered by unfitness for last few days.
Team India totally played 16 matches in that won 9 matches and got in to final in 2002 against Sri Lanka. Australia facing this tournament with more confident after series win against England.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

REVA electric car

REVA - Next revolution in electric car. It has many features like normal car and working in a battery. It is fully automated no gear and clutch just start and drive model. It has enough space to go with two adults and two children. It has two doors. The maintenance cost of this car is very low as it has only few moving parts. It is easy to charge and use this car. It is developed to fit for urban areas. The interesting factor is only 40 paise/km is enough to drive this car. You can able to charge from home. An intelligent low battery warning allows user to use proper charging.
There is so many rich features in that like seat which adjust automatically and remote controlled A/C and many. It has been tested and got certification under European laws. It has many features like safety panel, seat belt and so on.
Its easy to drive than any other vehicle. Just switch on the engine and push the accelerator then you can drive with out thinking about gear systems.

Travelling in UK

In UK, there are various modes of travel is available like bus, train, tube which is underground train and taxi. Here taxi is the most expensive way of travel where bus is the cheaper one. You need to get travel pass before you start you journey what ever may be the mode of transport. London has divided in to six zones among them zone one is more expensive and it decreases towards zone six. One day bus pass cost around £ 3.80 and can be used to travel around the city at any time and valid in all buses. At the same time one day travel card for tube cost £ 7.50(in off peak time) it can be used to travel around the city in tube in multiple times. Oyster card is the one which is travel card it can be top upped to any value and can be used. One week travel bus pass is £ 13.80.
New oyster card cost is £3.00 and can be used for long time. Students get special offer when use this card this is 30% off for all kind of top up. They have to register via online or in university to get student oyster card. Monthly and annual pass is also available in both bus and tube. Cost differs from one zone to another zone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Opening Bank Account in UK

Bank account is must for all those who residing at UK. There are so many facilities that banks are providing. One thing to remember is to maintain a account banks are charging some amount monthly. It may varies from one type of account to another. You can even make a contract between you and mobile phone shop or with Internet service provider, or with network where you can pay by installments not in single time. In this case you should have account with a bank. For students there are more facilities compare to other types. To open a student you should have some documents like id proof, letter from college which includes your residential address. In case of international students, they should show their valid passport and visa.
There are some banks which will not charge students accounts, and also if you maintain this account for some time then they will give some amount of money to your account. You can access your account via Internet or with your mobile, which is free of cost.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NI number

NI means National Insurance number. Those who are in student UK visa can able to work twenty hours per week with minimum wage of £6 per hour. But to work we need to get number called National Insurance number. First thing we need to do is call one land line number and attend interview with them. Just will be asking simple questions like the purpose of your visit your university and local address where you residing in London and your passport details. Once you successfully finished your call they will register you for NI number and they will reference number and land line number which can be used for further clarifications. After seven days you will get one form, please fill the form with correct details and send to them. This service is free of cost. With fifteen days you will get NI number then you can start working. One important thing is don't disclose this number to any one. Because it may cause problem when you apply for Visa extension.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part time job in UK

Many students want to do their higher studies in world hub United Kingdom. There is a reason behind this if they complete there course then they will grab a job easily. But they need to need lot of effort to do so. Even after entering UK they need to work to run their life smoothly. UK government allow them to work 20 hours per week with minimum wage of 6 pounds per hour. But there is a number called National Insurance.
Every student need to get this number before they start working. Every hour of work will be noted in home office to asses students behaviour. This number of hours work will also be taken into account when we apply for Visa extension. Even though getting a job is difficult, they are providing more opportunities to find a job. In many part of the city we can find job centres where you can find available local jobs. You can even take print out of the job details with free of cost. One more thing to note down is you need to pay tax if you earn £6457 per year. We can find more detail about this National insurance number in next post.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Windows 7

Hottest topic in this computer world is windows 7. Here is some information about windows 7. There should be high configuration system to install this operating system. It has been developed after taking many feedback from customers. It keeps on going. There is plan to launch soon, so that you can get it easily. it seems there is more user friendly things compare to previous version of this software. there is a chance of multi-touch option, so that no need to use mouse frequently.
Operation system needs much memory space than vista, it takes approximately 20 GB hard disc space. Minimum RAM requirement is 1 GB. You need to have high range of graphics card to support visual. It will be helpful for networking. Users can able to disable more windows components than windows vista. There is some components removed from vista like it doesn't contain windows movie maker, windows photo gallery and some more applications.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

UK Immigration

Hi friends this is going to be useful those who are entering foreign countries for studies or for business purposes. What ever may be the reason we need to follow some general procedures. It is like check in, security, immigration. Check in is nothing but checking you luggage and to find whether you met all the requirements which you air ways mentioned. Then security, it is self explanatory we need go for security. Then will scan your entire body to find whether you have any unwanted things with you. Then final part immigration, here they will shoot out some tough questions like the purpose of visit, documents you have submitted for getting visa.
If you are a student then you need to show your college documents and if you are business trip then you have to show the company documents. Once you finish up all the procedures then you have to show the medical certificates which proves you don't have any medical problem. That's it, you are ready to go out from airport. Then you can enjoy all the benefits. Fine, it seems difficult but easy to and thrilling experience.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lower Call Rates

Every one wants to call to their destination with lower call rates. Now a days many students looking for higher education in abroad. Its going to useful for those people. Actually there are so many ways to call with less cost. one among them is register your number with one international number in particular website. After particular period of time you will get one reference number. When you want to call your international number you just dial this reference number which you have got. This number acts as intermediate and connects your number with the destination number. Getting reference number is free of charge. You can use this service to many countries particularly United Kingdom. This way you can connect only two numbers not more than that. You can also send free text to the number from your mailing service. For this you should have one valid mail id and you need to register in a site which provides free small message services. There are many ways to make call if you and your destination have Internet connection.