Sunday, September 13, 2009

UK Immigration

Hi friends this is going to be useful those who are entering foreign countries for studies or for business purposes. What ever may be the reason we need to follow some general procedures. It is like check in, security, immigration. Check in is nothing but checking you luggage and to find whether you met all the requirements which you air ways mentioned. Then security, it is self explanatory we need go for security. Then will scan your entire body to find whether you have any unwanted things with you. Then final part immigration, here they will shoot out some tough questions like the purpose of visit, documents you have submitted for getting visa.
If you are a student then you need to show your college documents and if you are business trip then you have to show the company documents. Once you finish up all the procedures then you have to show the medical certificates which proves you don't have any medical problem. That's it, you are ready to go out from airport. Then you can enjoy all the benefits. Fine, it seems difficult but easy to and thrilling experience.

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