Saturday, September 19, 2009

REVA electric car

REVA - Next revolution in electric car. It has many features like normal car and working in a battery. It is fully automated no gear and clutch just start and drive model. It has enough space to go with two adults and two children. It has two doors. The maintenance cost of this car is very low as it has only few moving parts. It is easy to charge and use this car. It is developed to fit for urban areas. The interesting factor is only 40 paise/km is enough to drive this car. You can able to charge from home. An intelligent low battery warning allows user to use proper charging.
There is so many rich features in that like seat which adjust automatically and remote controlled A/C and many. It has been tested and got certification under European laws. It has many features like safety panel, seat belt and so on.
Its easy to drive than any other vehicle. Just switch on the engine and push the accelerator then you can drive with out thinking about gear systems.

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