Thursday, September 17, 2009

Opening Bank Account in UK

Bank account is must for all those who residing at UK. There are so many facilities that banks are providing. One thing to remember is to maintain a account banks are charging some amount monthly. It may varies from one type of account to another. You can even make a contract between you and mobile phone shop or with Internet service provider, or with network where you can pay by installments not in single time. In this case you should have account with a bank. For students there are more facilities compare to other types. To open a student you should have some documents like id proof, letter from college which includes your residential address. In case of international students, they should show their valid passport and visa.
There are some banks which will not charge students accounts, and also if you maintain this account for some time then they will give some amount of money to your account. You can access your account via Internet or with your mobile, which is free of cost.

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