Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Laptops

Hi friends, if you are staying in UK and if you want to use laptops don't feel. There are thousands of opportunities for you to get laptop with out paying any money. Many networks got their agreement with retailers. Its easy to get laptop or mobile with you with out paying initial money. You have to do only one thing create a bank account and make a deal with any of one network provider and then get your own laptop with Internet connection.
Some money will be deducted from your account every month. It depends upon the deal which you make. More the amount less the month you need to pay. There are some other options where you need to pay part of total cost, remaining will be taken every month. There is some interest rate for this process but it is less.
It is like getting free laptop for Internet connections. There are totally six network providers, those are O2, Vodafone, Virgin, 3, T mobile, Orange. Usage cost differs from one customer another customer.

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