Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Water in moon surface

India's one of the greatest moon mission chandrayaan 1 has found water layer in moon. It is stated that graphical photos of chandrayaan 1 showing that there is chances of presence of water in moon. Scientists of other country saying that this is first positive step and there is a long way to go. One more scientist added that there needs to be some methods to convert this molecule in to water. Chandrayaan 1 has launched successfully last year by Indian Space Research Organisation after few countries. Chandrayaan 1 is the first one it finds water in moon surface even though there are many countries trying to locate the water surface.
The 386 crore project was launch October 22 in 2008 and terminated due to communication problem in 30 August 2009. It is one of highest and mind blowing achievement for mankind.

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  1. There is only possibility of presence of water in have you found any method to convert those molecules to normal water?