Saturday, September 19, 2009

Travelling in UK

In UK, there are various modes of travel is available like bus, train, tube which is underground train and taxi. Here taxi is the most expensive way of travel where bus is the cheaper one. You need to get travel pass before you start you journey what ever may be the mode of transport. London has divided in to six zones among them zone one is more expensive and it decreases towards zone six. One day bus pass cost around £ 3.80 and can be used to travel around the city at any time and valid in all buses. At the same time one day travel card for tube cost £ 7.50(in off peak time) it can be used to travel around the city in tube in multiple times. Oyster card is the one which is travel card it can be top upped to any value and can be used. One week travel bus pass is £ 13.80.
New oyster card cost is £3.00 and can be used for long time. Students get special offer when use this card this is 30% off for all kind of top up. They have to register via online or in university to get student oyster card. Monthly and annual pass is also available in both bus and tube. Cost differs from one zone to another zone.

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