Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part time job in UK

Many students want to do their higher studies in world hub United Kingdom. There is a reason behind this if they complete there course then they will grab a job easily. But they need to need lot of effort to do so. Even after entering UK they need to work to run their life smoothly. UK government allow them to work 20 hours per week with minimum wage of 6 pounds per hour. But there is a number called National Insurance.
Every student need to get this number before they start working. Every hour of work will be noted in home office to asses students behaviour. This number of hours work will also be taken into account when we apply for Visa extension. Even though getting a job is difficult, they are providing more opportunities to find a job. In many part of the city we can find job centres where you can find available local jobs. You can even take print out of the job details with free of cost. One more thing to note down is you need to pay tax if you earn £6457 per year. We can find more detail about this National insurance number in next post.

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