Monday, September 14, 2009

Windows 7

Hottest topic in this computer world is windows 7. Here is some information about windows 7. There should be high configuration system to install this operating system. It has been developed after taking many feedback from customers. It keeps on going. There is plan to launch soon, so that you can get it easily. it seems there is more user friendly things compare to previous version of this software. there is a chance of multi-touch option, so that no need to use mouse frequently.
Operation system needs much memory space than vista, it takes approximately 20 GB hard disc space. Minimum RAM requirement is 1 GB. You need to have high range of graphics card to support visual. It will be helpful for networking. Users can able to disable more windows components than windows vista. There is some components removed from vista like it doesn't contain windows movie maker, windows photo gallery and some more applications.

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