Wednesday, February 3, 2010

charge your cellphone with solar power

Cell phones are most common type of electronic equipments in human being. It is impossible to achieve imagine a single day with out cell phones. But there are some problems associated with cell phones like charging, recharging and battery life. Cell phones are emergency use and if you won’t use it for urgent situation then it is of no use. Battery power is most important thing as you can not use cell phones for long time. Mp3 players, cameras are included with cell phones which consumes more power than normal usage. 
How will it be if you could recharge your battery with out an electric power? Thousand of scientist and huge amount of money invested in this field to find out the way to charge up our mobile. As a result of this, scientists found that solar power can be used to charge up our mobile phones. Photo voltaic cells are embedded with the system which converts direct sunlight in to flow of electrons which stimulates the flow of current in a closed circuit. 
This set up has been installed for testing purposes and if it gets success then will be introduced in public market. There will not be any problems if this research gets success.

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